Theory Redux - Proudmoore Rebirth


Theory Redux [4/7M EN, 3/3H ToV] was established in March of 2011 on the Draka/Suramar realm under the name Theory. With the ambition of clearing the hardest content we have relocated to the Proudmoore server with the intent of continuing Theory's legacy.

Many of our core officers have been raiding the hardest content since the Burning Crusade and have continued to do so for nearly 10 years.  With notable raiding achievements on only 2 nights a week, we have decided to push for more days in order to full clear Mythic within each patch cycle. As such, we hold high expectations for raiders to come prepared to raid and to remain focused and dedicated to the 9 hours per week raiding schedule. We are currently looking to expand our roster with equally progressed members (must have recent mythic experience or any past raiding experience that is acceptable). 

We expect our raiders to:

  • Show up every week with the most optimal gear [870+, optimized stat weights]. (i.e. have most fully upgraded gear possible, maintain an average ilvl threshold amongst fellow raiders)
  • Maintain high progress on Artifact weapons while also maintaining off spec Artifacts where applicable.
  • Bring flasks, potions, runes, anything to min/max your character and give the competitive edge needed to progress at a steady rate.
  • You are your class, not your spec. Though these situations will be rare, we expect anyone who has the ability to tank, heal, and/or dps to perform these roles when asked.
  • Maintain a 90%+ attendance rate (T/W/Thu 6-9:00 PM PST). We know life gets in the way sometimes but with respect for your fellow raid members' time and for the well being of the guild as a whole, it is crucial to consistently attend and perform at a high level.

Failure to meet these requirements will result in benching and reevaluating of your raid spot.


Theory Redux also offers a home for all friends and family. The community has ties to many other Blizzard games and more, so don't be shy in joining if your intent is not to raid.


Guild Raiding Achievements


12/12N BWD, BoT, Tot4W Pre 4.2

3/7H FL Pre 4.3

8/8H DS Pre 5.0

Mists of Pandaria

16/16N MSV, HoF, ToES Pre 5.2

2/13H ToT Pre 5.4

14/14M SoO Pre 6.0

Warlords of Draenor

2/7M HM, 3/10M BRF Pre 6.2 - 7/7M HM, 10/10M BRF Post 6.2

11/13M HFC Pre 7.0


7/7H 4/7M EN Pre 7.1.5

3/3H ToV Pre 7.2

0/0N NH Pre 7.2

Contact Information -

Mekeda - Proudmoore

Konspiracy - Proudmoore

Apotheoz - Proudmoore